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Online Training


    Our empowering, engaging and effective e-Learning now comes with real-time access to subject-matter mentors 24
    hours/day, 7 days/week.

    assurance that they understand an application. Coupling Instant Mentoring with our robust e-Learning platform allows
    students to adjust their training method as their need dictates the best of both worlds.

    Instant Mentoring provides the back-up to ensure complete understanding and synthesis. Students can also have their
    course exercises reviewed by a Mentor by attaching it to an email. The exercises are not graded but do provide a one on one
    evaluation with a subject matter expert.

    Mentoring is available directly from the site. Quick Start: The Instant Mentoring (IM) feature will automatically be available
    when a learner logs into the courseware. To activate the Instant Mentoring feature, the learner simply needs to click on the
    Instant Mentoring button located at the bottom of the course window. The service will appear in a new window after a few
    seconds. The learner can then send a question by typing it in the top pane and clicking "Send."
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    HDR Infotech.(HRD) believes in continuous learning and skills updating which will brighten
    the chances of success in the highly competitive IT and business industry.

    HDR provides e-learning services to our client candidates as well as its employees to help
    them get placed well in the IT and other industries. This e-learning tool provides over 2000
    interactive courses with blended training approach and specially designed Instant Mentoring
    Sessions to get immediate solutions.