Our clients have a huge network in USA and their experienced recruiters will help you to get an assignment.



                     With reference to the pay, as per some of our clients, you will have an option to choose either of the following options:


                 I. STANDARD:

           $60,000 pay and benefits, OR,


                II. SHARING:

          Under this sharing option, employee has to meet all benefits from his share. However, HDR client will pay the Payroll Taxes of around 10% from their share.


              Billing Hours                                                            Share

               0 to 500                                            :           $ 60000.00 and benefits.

              501 to 1000                                       :           65%. In the market it is known as 75:25.

              1001 to 1500                                     :           70%. In the market it is known as 80:20.

              1501 to 2000                                     :           75%. In the market it is known as 85:15.

              2001 to Above                                   :           80%. In the market it is known as 90:10.


                When you are in sharing, please note that you get paid with in 24 hours our clients get paid.

                Our clients can initiate the GC during the 1st month of your employment with them.

                 We are here to serve you. Please feel free to ask us for any further information.


                Assuring you the best of our cooperation and services.


                Rama Krishna



                       OTHER INFORMATION:


 Referral Fee: If HDR recommended candidate completes working for a minimum period of 12 months or 2000 billing hours with the US                      client, HDR is being paid a referral fee by our US Client.


            Best wishes in your efforts to procure a H1B Visa.


            Thanks once again




            HDR Infotech Pvt. Ltd.







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