Q: From which state do you file for GC and how much time generally it takes?

A: Since the expiry of RIR scheme and the commencement of the new PERM scheme on March 27, 2005, it is irrelevant from which state one is filing the GC. Under PERM, it takes roughly 45 days for labor, 45 days for I-140 and 1 year plus for 485.


Q: She said you will process my GC very early that’s really good to hear about?

A: Our clients can initiate your GC in the first month itself. Our clients may or may not bear all the legal and other costs (with a Market cost of $7000) except the cost of advertisement, INS fee, (roughly $1000) which are to be born by the consultant.


Q: My visa status as of now is L1 and I would like to file for H1B visa:?

A: We can help.


Q: "So how much can I expect including flight charges and other charges?”

A: No other charges will be paid in advance.


Q: Contract of one year means that only after a year I can get my H1 transferred?


Q: If some company wants to employ my services and is ready to get my H1 transferred I can only do that after a year?



Q: What if I get a green card before end of the contracting period?

A: NO Problem. If you complete the 1 year agreement, we will be grateful!


Q: I understand that the quota for H1B general category will be filled up much earlier than October '08. When do you suggest I put in all my papers to make it before the quota gets filled up? In other words, how much time do I have?

A: The quota is likely to be opened and closed on April 01, 2008. So, put in all your papers before February 29, 2008.  Earlier the better as it might be. Please note that we file only a limited number of H1B Petitions and our selection process might be closed earlier once we reach our target.


Q: I have only bachelor’s degree in business management. Could you please tell me whether it is possible to apply for H1 for me?

A: No. We sponsor only Computer or IT consultants / students.


Q: Do you sponsor green cards also?

A: Yes, our clients do.


Q: I do not qualify under this quota coz I don't have any degree from a US University. So is there any other option for me?

A: You come under the general category quota of 65,000 H1B Visas.


Q: After getting H1B we engage to you or any other firm?

A: No other firm need to be engaged. We have clients and they receive a lot of requirements.


Q: Also I did not understand the concept of me sponsoring for myself.

A: Our clients will be sponsoring you. You will guarantee to work with us a minimum for one year.


Q: I thought that the consultancy would do the sponsoring.

A: Yes. You are correct.


Q: Let say my H1B is approved and I am eligible to start working in US by October 01, 2008, but I signed a 6 months contract before the approval and I started to work at the project out of US in September. In this case I will come to US later on somewhere around March 2009.

A: Legally speaking, you can come to US any time with in three years from October 01, 2008.

Q: I heard I can also take on leave; vacation with H1B is it possible to take this option even I just get my H1B?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you sponsor visa for spouse as well?

A: No. By regulation, we can not sponsor our employee’s spouse. Therefore, you have to sponsor your spouse.

Q: Would you be providing the initial air-fare as well?

A: No.


Q: I am on L1 Visa which is expiring soon My petition though is approved for another 3 years so I only need to get it restamped. My I-94 is valid for another year.

A: We can file your H1B Visa application.

Q: I have H1B and SSN and kindly let me know how I can travel with the previous H1B as the I-94 had been taken.

A: You cannot travel.


Q: Will you send me the offer letter.

A: Yes

Q: Do your company process the transfer of F-2 to H-1B?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there enough H-1 Quota this year for an application to be filed at beginning of August?

A: No. The quota is likely to be opened and closed on April 01, 2008.


Q: Also, are you willing to do an H-1B from India?

A: Yes. For the right candidate.


Q: Accommodation for initial period will be taken care by HDR?

A: Yes.

Q: Kindly let me know do I need fresh H1B or if not how can I go with the previous H1B.

A: If your previous H1B Approval Period has not expired, then it is still valid and you can come here on that H1B.


Q: What is the minimum contract period?

A: 12 months / 2000 billing hours.


Q: What kind of security you are giving regarding the money, Job etc?

A: We are in this field for the last more than several years. We have helped more 500 consultants in getting H1B and work in IT here. Our track record is the only security we can offer.


Q: How much monthly expenditure will be incurred for family?

A: Rent for an apartment may be around $900, for food $200, insurance is $350, for car payment and gas $350, for Tel to Local & India: $100, others: $100.Hence the total is less than $2000 per month.


Q: Will u Sponsor Airfare for my wife and son (10 months old) also?

A: No. We are not even meeting your Airfare in advance.


Q: H1B process for this year or next year?

A: For this year starting from October 01, 2008.

Q: How many employees are present in your organization?

A: More than 20

Q: I am under the impression that everyone (having required skills and degrees from foreign countries also) is eligible for 20,000 H1Bs that are going to be filed from
1st April 2008.

A: No. Now INS has clarified that they are only for those with Master degree from US.


Q: How much will you have to pay for medical insurance for self and for family, if applicable?

A: No payment for self. If family is there, it depends on them, and can be roughly around $250/month.


Q: Who will cover the relocation expenses if you have to move to another city? What will be the maximum amount?

A: Our client. $1500.00

Q: Does your company have any direct clients?

A: Yes. Our clients have direct clients.





Q: When do you advice me to apply (latest) so that I don't miss October 1, 2008 appointment.

A: Earlier the better, but definitely on or before March 15, 2008.


Q: What are the chances of getting H1B?

A: Very good. More than 95% subject to your H1B Petition is picked up in the anticipated lottery to be conducted by the INS.


Q: I hope the quota is still not exhausted.

A: No. We estimate that quota will be opened and exhausted on April 01, 2008 for this year.


Q: Can you furnish the details (contact info) of recent beneficiaries so that I can use them as your references?

A: Yes.


Q: How much time does it take for the INS to respond to a H1B petition?

A: It takes anywhere between 1 and 3 months from date of filing.


Q: What is the tentative date of my arrival in USA if every thing goes well according to the plan?

A: On or after September 15, 2008.


Q: When you are processing my H1B petition, Can I track it via internet?

A: yes


Q: Will you give me Registration number in 1 week after you receive complete document?

A: Yes, it will be provided as soon as it is received from INS. We can not guarantee how long INS will take to issue the registration number.


Q: Let me know what else you require to start the process.

A: All the required documents and your resume are cleared by our client/s.


Q: Is it possible to transfer this visa?

A: Yes


Q: Shall apply as premium now for the FY 2008. If I get documents in May. Then shall I attend interview in the same month and when shall I enter into the US.

A: After October 1, 2008.




Q: I would like to know what prospects you have to offer me.

A: Our client will get you a project, for the first 3 months (based on 500 billing hours), pay you a salary of $60,000.00 per year, after 3 months (based on 500 hours of billing hours), share it on 75:25 basis and increase your share by 5% after every 3 months (based on 500 hours of billing hours). Pl note there will be a deduction of 10% for Payroll Taxes from your share. In the absence of a resume from you, we are not able to tell what will be your hourly rate, but we presume it will be a minimum of $50/hr. Based upon that: 50*.65*2080= $67,600 / year after 3 months, 50*.70*2080= $72,800 / year after 6 months, 50*.75*2080= $78,800 / year after 9 months, 50*.80*2080= $83,200 / year after12 months. Please request for and refer to the Salary and Incentive policies of our client/s.

Q: Do I get paid from the day I joined with your client in USA or will I get paid only after assigned to a project?

A: Only after assigned to a project.


Q Will your client pay tax to US government even I have no job?

A: No. Payment of Taxes to US government is triggered only when you are working.


Q: Will your client pay my living cost if I come to US without job?

A: Yes, but for a very limited time.


Q: Does your client provide some bench pay initially when I come to the US until I find a project?

A: Our clients can consider that positively.


Q: If I have to come to USA without any selection for appointment from companies I may have to depend on your client for initial accommodation as well as food expenses.

A: No problem. Our clients welcome it.


Q: How much is my salary (roughly) if my H1B petition is approve?

A: US$ 60,000 yearly, minimum.


Q: Does that mean I will get the entire 65% of the billing rate as the take home salary, without any further deductions, since your client pays the taxes from their payroll?

A: There are taxes (SS Tax (13%), Medicare (2.90%), Unemployment Tax (4% only for Employer), etc.) known as Payroll Taxes. These are equally shared  (50% each) by employee and employer. These Payroll Taxes are different from Federal Tax, State Tax, and City Tax. You do not take all 65% home. You pay about 20% of your gross pay as tax and take the rest home.


Q: Till the time candidate is on bench in US, will your client company be paying salary or some allowance till the time he got placed for any assignment?

A: Yes.


Q: Any paid leaves, visit to India once in a year?

A: 10 days paid leave and airline ticket to India for consultant and family members.


Q: What compensation does your client company offers for 5yr experience candidate?

Please mention some range.

A: US$ 60,000 to US$ 70,000 plus incentives.


Q: Can you tell me the other details like what my salary would be, where will the posting be and an offer letter too?

A: US$ 60,000 and after 3 months, 65% of billing rate, whichever is higher. It can be any where in USA.


Q: I read in your doc that you had sent me that once my H1B is sponsored I need to work with HDR Client for a year. Do you pay monthly salary or contract hourly rates during this time even? If so how much would the pay be?

A: Our clients have two schemes. Fixed salary of $60,000 or 65% to 80% sharing.

Q: Does salary vary if the state in which one gets project is expensive like NYC or CA?

A: Yes.

Q: Does your client give joining letter?

A: yes


Q: Does your client give pay stubs?

A: Yes


Q: What is the means of playing salary (cheque, direct deposit etc)?

A: If you are on sharing of the billing rate, you get paid when our client gets paid. Our clients do On Line Payment.

Q: Does your client pay the relocation expenses (flight, initial accommodation expenses).

A: Yes (from your share, only if you are on sharing).

Q: What does the candidate do if the project ends and the company is not able to find a new project for months? Candidate continues to stay in the same place or moves?

A: Up to the candidate to decide.

Q: Through your documents, I came to know that you have one year contract. Will this contract be applicable from the date we fill H1 Documents or from
1st Oct 2008

A: From the first day of billing.


Q:  Who will bear air and other expenses?

A: Depends whether you are on regular salary or sharing.


Q: Whether the candidate will be paid during the bench period?

A: Yes, but not when working on a sharing (percentage) basis.


Q: What is the predicted bench period for a consultant on an average?

A: 15 days in between assignments.


Q: What is the general rate vendors of your clients offer?

A: $45 to $75. It depends on the technology and Place.




Q: Do I have to take some holidays from my current assignment in order to do the training?

A: No, We will schedule the training to your convenience.

Q: What is the duration of the training program? And in which area you provide training?

A: Three weekends. QA, Dot Net, Oracle, Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA, Java, SAS, and SAP. We are likely to add more courses in the near future.


Q: Does your client provide accommodation and training?

A: Yes, We provide accommodation and training.

Q: Please provide the free accommodation and training as I will have to move there on my own and it would be really helpful to me.

A: Yes. Our clients will provide the free accommodation and training.

Q: Do your client provide accommodation? Since I am from LA.

A: Yes. During the training.

Q: How is the Lab facility? Does everybody get a system to practice?

A: Yes.


Q: Will you train me any particular area.

A: Yes




Q Will my H1B approval still valid if I come to US consular in Jakarta around March 2009?

A: Yes


Q: Is there any time limit to come to US consular after the H1B approval?

A: Yes. Before the expiry of the H1B Approval which is usually 3 years from October 01, 2008.


Q: What about if the visa could get rejected?

A: Our clients usually go an appeal, through their attorney offices, like Sheila Murthy, Esq. Please note that the Appeal process is expensive and by itself does not guarantee positive results.

Q: Who will have to bear the H1B visa demand drafts cost which is to be paid at US consulate in
India during the time of visa stamping?

A: Consultant


Q: If I process a new H1B, do I have to go back to India and stamp the visa before I can start working?

A: No need.




Q: Does your clients have any clients in Bay Area.

A: Yes. Our clients’ consultants are working there.


Q: What is your modus operandi with respect to finding project?

A: Our clients present your resume to their innumerable vendors / clients and once they select you, you start the project, generally within a week.


Q: Incase I am selected for a project before I come to USA can your clients support me for the initial 10-15 days before I find accommodation?

A: Sure. Our clients will.

Q: Will your clients plan to arrange interview with the end client before I come there or will your client arrange interviews after my coming there?

A: Though our clients prefer and can arrange the interviews before you come there, in all probability, our clients will arrange interviews after your arrival as the end client wants you to join the project immediately if you are selected.


Q: Let say my H1B petition is approve, will your client find a job starting 1 Oct 2008? Or does your client need sometime to find it?

A: sometime to find it.


Q: I am learning testing tools and am interested in learning SAP. When are you starting the SAP training course?

A: It would take a few weeks.


Q: I am a Quality assurance / test engineer. Are there contract jobs with your clients for QA roles?

A: Yes.


Q: How are the placements in testing and SAP? How soon can the placement be done once the training is complete.

A: It can be within a week to a maximum of 2 to 3 months.


Q: Where I will get a job?

A: Anywhere in US according.


Q: Generally, how long does it takes to place candidate for any assignment?

A: 1 to 6 months.


Q: Would your client find job opportunities for H1B sponsored candidates with their end clients?

A: Yes.


Q: What is the probability of getting me a job as business analyst?

A: Very high


Q: Do you assist in searching for projects/jobs?



Q: What are the chances of getting assignments from your client’s side and how soon?

A: Our clients can only guarantee setting up interviews within a very short time interval. The rest is up to you!!




Q: What are the documents I need to send?

A: Immediately by courier service. You need to send ONE (1) set on Standard A4 (8.5” x 11”) size using very high quality white papers and also ONE (1) more set of scanned documents in zipped folder to the mail id: h1bdocumenst@hdrinfotech.com.


Q: Please let me know how I should be sending all the documents.

A: ONE (1) set on Standard A4 (8.5” x 11”) size using very high quality white papers and also ONE (1) more set of scanned documents in zipped folder to the mail id: h1bdocumenst@hdrinfotech.com.


Q: I don't have pay-stubs. Can, I still transfer my H1-B visa?

A: Probably yes. We can try.


Q: Copies of Experience certificate(s):---- I have been working with the same organization ever since I graduated. Do I need an Experience Certificate? (Would earnings      statements/pay slips be sufficient)?

A: Any evidence including earnings statements / pay slips are sufficient. Further, these are not mandatory.

Q: Minimum two references along with contact numbers, at the least one from each country where you worked or resided during the past 10 years.   ---- Is this mandatory? Should I obtain this only from my employers in
India and USA?

A: Not mandatory. This is for our clients files. Need not be from employers. Can be from anyone.


Q: Copy of Beneficiary’s Visa granted by US Consulate (where applicable).  My US L1-B visa has stamping is not valid. I got my L1-B extension recently and have not yet stamped in the passport.

A: It does not matter. Send us the L1-B extension approval.


Q: The only issue I had was that I will not be able provide an experience certificate. My employer will not provide that without a lot of paperwork. However, I have the W2 for the last two years which provides my employment with my previous employer. Let me know if that’s a major issue.

A: No. This is not an issue at all. Our clients really do not need the experience certificate. W2 are enough evidence for your experience.

Q: Do we need to attest the documents by someone? If yes, by whom?

A: No


Q: I have the tax statement for only 2 years up to current month, so I wanted to know either this 2 years statement enough or not?

A: Enough


Q: Can I submit the Fax copies of my experience certificates.

A: Yes. Scanned copies by way of email to email id: h1bdocumenst@hdrinfotech.com.


Q: when can I submit all these documents?



Q: I don’t have salary slips with me now. Is that mandatory?

A: No

Q: Can your client get my credential evaluation done before I submit all my documents to you to speed up the process?

A: Yes. In fact that is what our clients also believe in. Send us all the docs along.

 Q: Getting an experience certificate might be an issue for me because my company (Tata consultancy services) needs a three month notice and I am probably not going to do that.”

A: Our clients may not need the experience certificates.

Q: About the proof of experience, does your client need IT returns for all years that I have been employed? Does it apply for both Indian and US returns?”

A: The experience is only for strengthening your petition and not mandatory. Any proof is of experience is sufficient.


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