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Dear Sir / Madam,


Thank you for responding to our advertisement.


As many consultants are responding and as there are many, different and repeated questions to be answered, we have tried to put all the answers here together. If you could not find an answer to your query, please feel free to send us an email. (No telephone calls please!)


WHO CAN APPLY                                                                                              

We are inviting applications from the following types of candidates.

(a) MCA or BE or B.Tech. or M.Sc. degree holders in a computer related field with or without experience.

(b) BA or B.Sc. or MBA degree holders in a computer related field with a minimum of three years of IT experience.



For an Overview of HDR Infotech Pvt. Ltd.(HDR), please visit www.hdrinfotech.com.


Clients of HDR: Several of our clients, incorporated in US, are in Information Technology, with yearly revenues in millions of US$ and with a combined strength of hundreds of employees. The promoters of our clients have decades of IT experience in US Federal & Corporate sectors.


We Help Our US Clients In Locating Right Candidates for H1B Visa Sponsorship: Since the year 2000, HDR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (HDR), has helped their US Clients to locate qualified Software Professionals for H1B Visa Sponsorship. HDR makes extensive and thorough search before recommending qualified Software Professionals to their US Clients.


The Process: Once HDR receives your application along with your resume for a New H1B process, Our Tech. Staff will screen your papers before we recommend to our client to review, accept and file for your H1B Visa.

Real Time On Line Training: If necessary, HDR offers Real Time On Line Training, with the help of their experienced instructors, who are going to assess the skills of the candidates, before and after recommending them for H1B Sponsorship.


Commitment To Work for One Year Minimum: We would like to recommend only those candidates who are ready, willing and able to commit to work for a minimum period of 12 months or 2000 billing hours with our US client.


Green Card: Our clients offer to initiate the Green Card processing for their consultants.


Our Past H1B Candidates: HDR has successfully helped in processing H1b Visa for hundreds of qualified IT professionals. Most of them are now working with leading IT firms in USA.



Since 1998, our clients, in addition to US Citizens and Permanent Residents, placed many H1B & OPT consultants at highly competitive hourly rates. Our clients have sponsored many candidates on H1B visa. Our clients’ record with INS, DOL and the several American Consulates abroad is very clean. Therefore, it is relatively easy for our clients’ candidates to procure the necessary H1B VISA stamping.


Last Year: For the year 2007 – 2008, our clients have successfully sponsored, many candidates, qualified mostly in Computer Sciences and Electronics, on H1B visas. These candidates have 1 to 15 years of experience and belong to skill sets like, SAP, Oracle, Java, DW, etc.


This Year: (For the year 2008 – 2009):

·                                Applications for the new quota of H1B under general category effective from October1, 2008 are being accepted from April 1, 2008.

·      Last year, the H1B quota under general category was exhausted on the very same day it was opened, i.e. on April 01, 2007.  The number        of H1B Petitions that were received by USCIS were almost twice than the available H1B Quota of 65000. Resultantly, a lottery was conducted. Only One H1B Petition out of every Two H1B Petitions received was approved.

·                                This year too, there is a definite likelihood that USCIS (INS), will conduct a lottery of the H1B Petitions received  on Tuesday April 01, 2008 and pick up only ONE H1B Petition out of every FOUR H1B Petitions received to fill in their H1B quota of 65000.



Here, we will try to be very brief while listing the different types of applicants.


If You Are Already On H1 & On Bench: If you are already on H1, your employer is either unable or wants us to market you on a 80% basis and you do not want to transfer your H1B Visa to HDR’s Client, then please get your H1B holder company sign the attached CONFIDENTIALITY AND NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT and send it to us. Now you can skip the rest of this letter.


If You Are Already on H1 & Wish To Transfer Your H1B: If you want to transfer your H1 to our client, then please send us your resume and state your present status and requirements. Now you can skip the rest of this letter.


If You Are Applying H1B Visa For the First Time: If You Are Applying H1B Visa For the First Time, then please send us your resume for our review and acceptance. Please do not send any other documents at this stage unless we ask for them.


If You Are On H4: If You Are on H4 and in Need of H1B, then, please send us your resume for our review and acceptance. Please do not send any other documents at this stage unless we ask for them.


If You Are On OPT: If you are on OPT, then, please send us your resume along with salary and other requirements.


If You Are Of Special Category Of US Degrees Applicants: Applications for H1B from students and other consultants under the special category with US degrees (The new 20,000 H1-B visas for Masters and PhD from U.S universities) can be filed from March, 2008 onwards. Please send us your resume along with salary and other requirements.


If You Are In Need Of Free Accommodation, Training, Etc: If you are looking for free accommodation, training, etc., then please send us your resume along with a small statement (not more than 100 words) why you are in need of such a facility? (Optional).




There are two types of processing to file H1B Petition.


Standard Processing: Under this processing, H1B Visa approval takes anywhere from one month to three months.


Premium Processing: Under this processing, H1B Visa approval should be received within 15 days.




Following are the various costs incurred by our clients while filing your H1B Petition:


H1B Petition Filing Fee: For filing each H1B petition, the actual fee incurred is around $2000 plus an additional $1000 for Premium Processing.


Cost of Credential Evaluation: The cost of evaluating one’s academic record and / or work experience, needed while filing the H1B Petition, can be up to $250 when done within a week, and $450 when done within 3 days.


Attorney Fee: The Attorney Fee for filing a H1B Petition is around $500.00.


Administrative Charges: The administrative charges, prorated per H1B petition, can be around $500.


Other Charges: Cost of Xeroxing (Photo copying), Courier Service, Stationary, etc.: These can be up to $250.


Other Service Charges:  Cost of other service charges including locating, evaluating and processing your documentation: These can be up to $100.


Accommodation Cost: The cost of the free lodging, boarding and transportation for a 3 month period per candidate after their arrival in US can be around $2000 to the company.  (Optional)


The Total Cost for Filing a H1B Petition Plus Accommodation: It can be around $5500 to $6750 to the Client.


HDR Cost: Please note that, in addition to the above costs incurred by our US clients, HDR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. also incurs a significant cost runs into thousands of US$. This is towards locating the right candidates, processing their information, offering Real Time On Line Training.