For filing an H1B petition, our clients need the following documents in very clean one set in 11” x 8.5” paper (Hard Copy) and another of scanned copies (Soft Copy).


a.                                        Most Current Resume

b.                                        Copy of Credential Evaluation, if available.

c.                                        Copy of College degree/ s and transcripts (Mark sheets).

d.                                        Copy of Training Certificate(s), Diplomas and related transcripts (Mark sheets).

e.                                        Copies of Experience certificate(s) or letters.

f.                                          Copy of latest three earning statement/ s., (where applicable).

g.                                        Copies of all the pages of Beneficiary’s Passport.

h.                                        Copy of Beneficiary’s Visa granted by US Consulate and Form I-94 (where applicable).

i.                                          Copy of Approval Notice from INS for prior H1-B petition (where applicable).

j.                                          Copy of Beneficiary’s husband/ wife’s H1-B Approval Notice, (where applicable).

k.                                        Copy of Beneficiary’s husband/ wife’s Visa granted by US Consulate, (where applicable).

l.                                          Copy of Beneficiary’s husband/ wife’s three latest pay slips, (where applicable).

m.                                      Two recent passport size photographs signed and dated in the front.

n.                                        Minimum two references along with contact numbers, at least one from each country where you worked or resided during the past 10 years.

o.                                        Your permanent address with contact number.

p.                                        A letter requesting and authorizing HDR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. to recommend to their client to review, accept and file your H1B Petition. (See wording below)


Wording of Letter In The Item (p) Above:

===========   Start of the letter ===========



HDR Infotech Private Limited.                                                                                                      Date:_______________

111 Bhanu Residency,

Venkateswara Nagar, Hyderabad 500062, AP


Dear Sirs:


I hereby request and authorize the client of HDR Infotech Private Limited to file a H1-B Petition on my behalf with the US Department of Homeland Security using the enclosed documents. I hereby Certify that the enclosed documents are authentic. I will supply any additional documents if needed.


Thank you.



Name and Address

===========   End of the letter ===========


Documents: Only in black & white scanned documents, copied with no spots and very neatly need to be sent to: